“INFRAMON: The Old Darkness” is a terror experience blending adventure and puzzle elements to tell a Lovecraftian cosmic horror story in an old haunted manor, also based on the literature of H.P. Lovecraft Robert, W. Chambers and Ambrose Bierce.

“INFRAMON: The Old Darkness” is structured like a ‘Escape Room’, since the game begins the player will have an exactly one hour to try to solve the mystery and to get away safely. If he doesn’t get it, he will die.

Every try can be completed in less than hour, but is impossible to complete in one or two tries because the narrative structure is based on the player gameplay: take an object or another, read all the notes or read just a few can be change the disposition of another objects, the text of notes, change the puzzles or the appearance of enemies and gain access to different rooms of the manor. The game has different ways depending on how you play, and it’s affect to find the different endings.

“INFRAMON: The Old Darkness” will be available in English, Spanish and Catalan.

This is the new trailer of INFRAMON: The Old Darkness for PC

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